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Does this count as a home page?

Who says guys can't have journals?

July 21st, 2005

DAMN!!! @ 09:38 am

Current Mood: crazy crazy
Current Music: Park Hopper Radio - Live365

I knew it had been a long time since I last updated but 2 months!?!?! Oi! Well...Exactly 2 weeks from this moment Jessica and I will be playing around in Disneyland! :-D Remember, from the 2nd of August through the 22nd Jessica and I will be posting most of our updates as well as a trip journal complete with LOTS of photos at oregon2florida. I finally realized just how close that is yesterday. I filled my box at work with a number of ties equal to the number of shifts I have left and there aren't many in there. :-P Working my ass off up until almost the day I leave. We lost an auditor two weeks ago due to some bad decisions on his part so I've been working doubles (11PM - 3:30PM) and 6-7 shifts a week. Gonna be SWEET when I get my last check with that as well as my 120+ hours of PTO all on it. :-D Can't say that I'll necessarily miss my JOB (3 years in the same place can get a might tedious) but I will certainly miss a lot of the PEOPLE. I'm only gonna give 2-3 people there permission to call my cell phone with questions. Hoping that they can pick up the slack of my not being there. Otherwise I'm packing up bags, tying up loose ends, and getting ready for the drive. Getting new glasses in less then a week so that'll be fun. :-) Gonna run for now. Promise to update at least a few times before we leave though. TTFN.


May 9th, 2005


Roy Disney and Stan Gold announced that they are suing the Disney Board of Directors over the validity of their CEO search. Get the full article here.

May 2nd, 2005

FORWARD!!! @ 04:02 pm

K...Finally taking a break from Guild Wars to post some screen captures from the game. ;-) There a lot of them but you'll have to hit the cut to see them. Enjoy. :-)

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More later. TTFN.


April 28th, 2005

(no subject) @ 05:25 pm


April 24th, 2005

Plans, like seasons, change... @ 05:53 pm

Current Mood: mischievous mischievous
Current Music: RBV

No...I'm not axing my move to Florida. Far from it. As you know I'm trying to score myself as primo MP3 player without shelling out primo bank. So, the pricing curve for the player I want is (about) 20G - $150, 40G - $225, 60G - $300. What I'm doing is stocking up on 3-4 non-functioning units from eBay (about $5-10 each) and I'm gonna pick and piece together a unit that should work (at least enough for me to practice hacking a 100G laptop drive into it). Then I'll get a 20G that is in good shape and drop in the drive. VOILA! I'll have a 100G MP3 Player/Portable HDD for about half the price of a 60G system. :-)

April 20th, 2005

*Stare* Blink...Blink...Blink... @ 11:13 pm

Current Mood: nerdy nerdy
Current Music: RBV

Ummm...WOW! I just installed a program called World Wind from NASA. It is, quite possibly, the most AMAZING program I've ever seen! Imagine this, you start out with a rendering of the earth. with a click you can spin to any point you want then zoom in to an altitude of down to 1km. It is SPECTACULAR! You can search for places and landmarks. Did you know that there is a helipad at the Living Seas? It shows that as well as an ultralight landing strip near EPCOT. HORRAY!!!


P.S. This thing is even more amazing then I thought. Not only can you cruise just about anywhere in the world but you can angle down and see everything in a 3D topo form. I'm getting goosebumps! :-D

BTW... @ 05:23 pm

I'm also open to any other ideas of what you think would look good. ;-)

Feedback Time!!! @ 04:41 pm

Current Mood: creative creative

What do you guys think? It's time for me to get a haircut and I'm really thinking about getting a little change of color. I was thinking to hey the haircut as well as lightening it some. Nothing too drastic but I was thinking sandy blonde tips that fade to something similar to now. It has to look somewhat natural though. What do you think? Anyone wanna help with the color who has experience with stuff like that? Let me know. TTFN.


April 19th, 2005

*Wringing hands evily* @ 03:10 pm

Current Mood: devious devious
Current Music: RBV

Phase one of my master plan is almost complete. I'm taking all my CD's and ripping them onto my computer. Yes, that's every SINGLE one. Then I'm gonna take the bulk of them to a used music store and sell them. Only ones I'm keeping are my Disney ones (obviously) and any other significant ones including autographed discs and such. I did 75 discs between last night and today.It'll be that much easier for me. I rarely actually USE my CD's any more and I can use the profits from selling the discs to help pay for my 60Gig MP3 player. Here's to hoping. :-)


P.S. I'm not going to be able to take all this stuff to Wherehouse/Everyday Music until Thursday night so I'm more then willing to set aside anything you guys want for like $2 per disc. Mostly Christian music. DC Talk, Petra, Audio Adrenaline, Geoff Moore, etc. Still amazed how much space that cleared out.

Yoinked from Rachel @ 12:59 am

Current Mood: lazy lazy
Current Music: RBV

01) Total Volume of music files on my computer

43.6 Gig (700+ hours)

02) The last CD I bought was...:

The Japanese version of the Lion King Broadway soundtrack

03) Song Playing Right Now:

"Splash Mountain" on Park Hopper Radio (Live365)

04) Five + songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in alphabetical order):

Gonna have to come back with this one. JUST reset my play counts lately

5) Which 5 people are you passing this baton to & why?

Not sure about the purpose of this last one

Does this count as a home page?

Who says guys can't have journals?