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Does this count as a home page?

Who says guys can't have journals?

November 23rd, 2005

Okay... @ 10:52 am

Current Mood: thankful thankful

So I haven't been keeping updated as I promised. Sorry. :-/ I've found someone down here (Hence the last post.) Her name is Amanda. I work with her at Safari and we've been seeing each other for exactly two months as of today. Things are going really well. Will be sure to keep you posted as things develop. (I promise to be better about that.)

Interviewed last week for Expedition: Everest so we'll see what, if anything, comes of that. Still trying to figure out what my best route will be for January. Lots of possible ways to go but I just don't know yet.



September 24th, 2005

Trying to behave... @ 01:04 am

Current Mood: content content

I'm trying to be good and kerep my LJ properly updated. Had a very eventful day yesterday. Lot of things happened that I wasn't expecting but they're certainly welcome events. Text/call/IM me if you're curious. ;-) TTFN. More another evening. :-P ~LJ

September 5th, 2005

Karibuni! @ 09:51 am

Hey guys...Been a few days since I updated so I figured it was high time. Finished all my assessments and evaluations by Friday morning. (The day I was supposed to START evaluating.) Even got my own truck for a couple hours. It was a good day, nothing too eventful. Saturday was my first full day solo and I loved it...For the most part. I was one of the late trucks on the road (4-5 PM) and around 4 I could see the clouds on the horizon and feel the wind starting to pick-up. Got out to about the Red Clay Pits and it started POURING. This wasn't the big, heavy, thunderstorm drops that don't go anywhere though...Oh no...These were small, easily blown, Oregon-esque rain drops so my entire truck had to ride through getting soaked for 10 minutes. There was a little girl in the row directly behind me that was fully convinced the truck was going to fill with water and we were all going to drown so, for 10 minutes, she screramed and screamed and screamed right in my ear. (As if things weren't already stressful enough.) FINALLY dropped them off and went around for another load. The winds died down but the rain just kept on coming. Took off and knew immediately that things would be interesting. Found two "new" water crossings as a result of the rain and, just before the tilting bridge, the truck 2 ahead of mine broke down completely. Meant they had to get a tow truck out to the Clay Pits in the pouring rain. We sat there for almost 15 minutes. I was lucky enough to have a group who were very nice about the whole thing but (from the sound of the NexTel chatter) it sounded like there were a multitude of other trucks that didn't fair so well. 101'ed truck got towed and we finished the tour but it was a harrowing experience. Yesterday I Ran trucks for 2 of my 3 rotations and had a bunch of great guests and trucks. One lady (probably late 20's) insisted on taking my picture because I reminded her so much of her younger brother. Thought that was fun. Also drove a Magical Gatherings group truck and was the last truck of the night. That was creepy to drive past departure and not see a soul there and realize that I owned the roads. Kind of a fun sensation. Even the Bongo (who I couldn't find the entire day) came out to wish me a good night. It was fantastic. Heading out the door to work now but I'll catch up with you all later. TTFN.


September 2nd, 2005

JAMBO!!! @ 08:56 am

Sorry for the lack of updates. Training has left me drained and having the parents in town kept me busy also. Five days of training and one day of assessment. Was ready for my driving training on day five and just finished the last of my assessments. Know what that means?


August 23rd, 2005

*Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!* @ 09:32 am

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

Good things really do come to those who wait. Got my area assignment today.


JAMBO! My name is Loren and I'll be your safari guide for the next 3 weeks.

I GOT ATTRACTIONS AT KILAMANJARO SAFARI!!! I'll be working the Fastpass, gate, load/unload, and DRIVING the vehicles! I'm so completely excited! Since I'm a role hopper they also have me info on my other area which will be Chester & Hester's merchantainment. ANIMAL KINGDOM!!! Means I start earlier but I'm also off a lot earlier to. :-D

Jessica is working Adventureland (Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion). Gonna post more later.



August 17th, 2005

Wanna know a secret? @ 07:54 pm

Current Mood: crazy crazy

I AM "El Penguino" (pen-gween-o)!!!

August 11th, 2005

So... @ 08:01 am

Current Mood: dorky dorky

...With all the events of yesterday I am now accepting contributions to the "Help Keep Loren Sane Fund". :-p Contributions can be sent via PayPal to DisneyMGMStudios@hotmail.com. ;-) Oi! TTFN! ~LJ

August 1st, 2005

And now, my final thought... @ 08:16 pm

Current Mood: excited excited
Current Music: Park Hopper Radio - Live365

K...Here's the last posting I'll be making in this journal before I shut down my system and pack it all into my car. Remember, the ongoing saga of our trip will be getting posted to oregon2florida. You can keep track of us on there. If you need to get a hold of me, I'll have my cell on at all times. Gonna have my main screen name (the one on this LJ). Problem is cell AIM only lets me have a 30 names on the buddy list so feel free to write as I won't be able to see EVERYONE that is on-line. I have unlimited AIM on my cell so that isn't a problem. Also feel free to call or text me as well. I'll touch base a couple times along the way but probably won't get back in full contact until Orlando. Take care and God bless. TTFN.


P.S. Cross-posted in fall05cp

*Tick, tock, tick, tock* @ 12:19 am

Current Mood: crazy crazy
Current Music: Park Hopper Radio - Live365

Eep! 30 HOURS! The clock is starting to become my enemy. Oh well, too excited to sleep anyway. Just gonna keep working away at it all.

Things to do in the next 30 hours:
~Pick up my prescription sunglasses
~Get my new car stereo installed
~Pick up parts for the car (PCV, wipers, air filter, radiator cap, antifreeze
~Get PCV & Wipers installed
~Finish cleaning my room
~Say goodbye to the rest of my co-workers




P.S. Jess, here's your link.

July 27th, 2005

Yoinked from Jess... @ 08:45 pm

Current Mood: crazy crazy
Current Music: Park Hopper Radio - Live365

Was there EVER any doubt? ;-)

47.61904761904762% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

Does this count as a home page?

Who says guys can't have journals?